Security Guard Role

By Mfive Security Pvt. Ltd. | June 20, 2013


One of the main parts of your security guard’s duties and responsibilities is to detect and prevent fire. Your security guard should always be on the lookout for fire hazards – regardless if they’re operating on a fixed point or on patrol.

They need to watch for common things that are likely to generate a fire. It can be something like combustibles placed near heat or high-temperature areas or some electrical equipment that are producing heat or sparks when they shouldn’t.

Your security guards should also be routinely scanning for shreds of evidence that a fire has started already like checking the fire alarms if they have been activated. Unusual smoke and heat should also be a clue that a fire has started.

Security guards are also responsible for the following:

  • FREE CORRIDORS: Corridors that can be used in an emergency evacuation should always be free of impediments, combustible materials, and any other obstructions.

  • SAFE FLAMMABLES: Explosives, flammables, or any other thing that can explode or combust should never be stored near potential ignition sources.

  • CLEAR EXIT DOORS: Both sides of exit doors should be kept clear and should always be accessible.

  • DAMAGED FIRE SUPPRESSORS: Fire suppressors like fire doors should be replaced right away when damaged. Security guards should report any damage to building owner so necessary actions can be taken.

  • OPERATING FIRE ALARMS: Security guards should always check if fire alarms are working.

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